Violin to Viola Online Conversion Course

Violist and RIAM faculty member Lisa Dowdall will help violinists to transfer their skills to viola playing over a 6-week online course.

Over the course of six weeks starting on Sunday, 11 April, Lisa Dowdall will take violinists and violin teachers through the fundamentals of viola playing, helping them to address the transferable skills that they already possess, and identifying the unique features of the instrument, so that non-viola natives can get the most out of this beautiful instrument.

Over six Sunday online morning classes, you will cover:

  • Sightreading in the viola clef;
  • Learning to hold the instrument with ease and to help your own future viola students do the same;
  • Developing an understanding of the intricacies of the viola, including its responsiveness to bowing, vibrato, and how to get the best tone from your instrument.

There is no official RIAM certification required to take this course, but it is recommended for violinists who have a minimum standard of approximately Grade V.

You can book your place here.

Cost: €195