Online Workshop on Jamulus with Caitlin Kelly | Thursday, 15 April

We will host an online workshop via Zoom on the online programme Jamulus with Caitlin Kelly on Thursday, 15 April from 11am – 12 noon. You can register to attend here.

Jamulus is software that allows audio rehearsals in real-time across the internet.

During the workshop, Caitlin will cover a range of topics including what Jamulus is, how to use it, how to set it up, etc. She will also discuss what equipment is needed, the basics of how to get the server set up, where to install the software from and how to get it working on both Mac and Windows, how to connect to the servers, and the use of Asio4All.

Caitlin will also answer any questions that may arise during the workshop.

The workshop will take place on Zoom. Please register your attendance.

Collage with multiple images of Jamulus and Zoom calls

We have been using Jamulus very successfully over the past few months to allow our Online Chamber Ensemble to rehearse together, even though they are all in different counties!

The Online Chamber Orchestra, presented by IAYO in collaboration with the Irish Chamber Orchestra, comprises eight young musicians from Cork, Dublin, Kerry and Limerick, directed by Katherine Hunka, (Irish Chamber Orchestra Leader).

The group has been meeting weekly, online, to rehearse in real-time together using Jamulus. With the help of Caitlin for the technical side of things, the software has enabled them to rehearse and perform in real-time!

Click here to listen to them perform and meet the ensemble!