NYCI Child Protection Awareness Programme

The National Youth Council of Ireland routinely hosts a very good Child Protection Awareness Programme that we feel may be of interest to members of the IAYO community.

We want to bring this course to your attention because, as we have done previously with NYCI’s Designated Liaison Person Training, if there is enough interest amongst our members, we could host this course online with NYCI for them.

The Child Protection Awareness Programme is aimed at staff and volunteers in the youth sector, working with young people with general responsibilities in relation to safeguarding, but who do not have specific responsibilities in their role in relation to child protection. Training duration varies depending on the requirements but is typically four hours in length.

During the training, participants will:

  • Have an understanding of the relevance of child safeguarding and protection to their work;
  • Have explored a range of attitudes in relation to this issue;
  • Be aware of the definitions of child abuse;
  • Be aware of how workers might become aware of/have concerns about abuse;
  • Have an understanding of the steps in a recruitment and selection process for those working with children/young people;
  • Have an understanding of possible responses to dealing with disclosures/concerns/suspicions;
  • Be aware of reporting procedures and responsibilities;
  • Have explored how to work safely with young people.

If this course is something that would be beneficial to you or anyone within your organisation, please do let us know by sending an email to

You can learn more about the course at