Video: Online Workshops on Jamulus | Set-up, technical requirements & rehearsal

We recently held two workshops suitable for tutors, teachers and conductors on the computer software Jamulus, delivered by Dr Patrick Early.

Workshop 1: Jamulus Setup Workshop;
Workshop 2: Jamulus Live Rehearsal and Discussion / Feedback.

Below, please find the videos of the workshops and also useful documentation to accompany them including the presentation slides.

Video of workshop 1: Jamulus Setup Workshop


Video of workshop 2: Jamulus Live Rehearsal and Discussion / Feedback

Please note, in this video, the live rehearsal audio is recorded from the Zoom meeting and is not the best quality. You can listen to the audio directly from the Jamulus platform here.

Accompanying Documents

The coronavirus restrictions have prompted musicians to look for innovative ways to rehearse. The Jamulus platform presents as a realistic option for rehearsals to continue as it overcomes the latency issue (delays between computers), which has been the main problem with online rehearsals.

Jamulus is a computer programme that enables performance ensembles to rehearse together when they cannot be in the same room. It allows rehearsals in an audio-only format but in real-time. Patrick has developed techniques that have cut the latency to such a minimum that musicians can play together in real-time.

The set-up criteria to get the platform working successfully is quite rigid and some prior knowledge and preparation are needed in advance of a rehearsal. The workshops discussed these preparations and problems in a non-technical language and the subject is approached from a string players perspective.