Designated Liaison Person Training with the National Youth Council of Ireland

On 9 and 10 February, we had our first ever dedicated training for IAYO members for Designated Liaison Persons (DLPs).

Children First: National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children advises that both public and private organisations that provide services for children/young people and families should consider appointing a Designated Liaison Person (DLP) and Deputy DLP. The DLP will be a resource to any staff member who has a child protection or welfare concern. DLPs are responsible for ensuring that organisational reporting procedures are followed correctly and promptly and act as a liaison person with other agencies

The training was delivered, on Zoom of course, by Louise Monaghan as part of the Child Protection Programme of the National Youth Council of Ireland.
It’s been over ten years since we delivered child protection training for members directly simply due to the time and cost involved for members to travel to a central location and the difficulty in finding times that suited enough people. The current stay-at-home restrictions were an opportunity to try training online and, home-schooling taken into account, it was really excellent to have a group who all have similar experiences and issues to bring to the table and, of course, many of us are well-known to each other which really helps a group get going. It’s also a great way to get to know some new faces of colleagues from around the country.

The course, which was from ten to four each day with tea / coffee and lunch breaks, covered the role and responsibilities of DLPs, organisational child protection and safeguarding responsibilities, an overview of relevant legislation, dealing with disclosures, reporting procedures, managing allegations, confidentiality, and dealing with parents, Tusla and the Gardaí. It was very well-paced with a mixture of presentations, general discussions and breakout workshops and exercises. The facilitation was excellent and emphasised best practice in dealing with all aspects of the roles of DLPs in an enabling manner rather than scaring people with the weight of legalities. The focus was on keeping young people safe and well and being in a position to take appropriate action if young people in our care are unsafe for any reason.

The training brought together music tutors, conductors and organisers from orchestras in ten counties and participants expressed great satisfaction at being able to attend virtually – not only due to restrictions but due to the fact that, even under normal circumstances, it is so much easier and so much cheaper to attend the training online. We do hope to facilitate members more in this manner in the future. If you are interested in the NYCI DLP training, Child Protection Awareness Programme or Information Sessions for Boards of Management, do let us know and, if there is sufficient demand, we will work to arrange youth-orchestra-specific training again or also, perhaps, training for those running music schools and services.
You can also contact the NYCI National Child Protection Manager directly if you want to arrange training or sign up for NYCI’s training independently of IAYO. In that case, you can contact Sophie Burfurd at

Expressions of Interest for DLP Training
If anyone is interested in taking part in a Designated Liaison Person training online with IAYO and NYCI, please contact us at