Bow Technique Online Workshops with Naas Music School | Take Part

Naas Music School is looking for participants to take part in a week-long, online bow technique workshops series.

The workshop will take place on Zoom from 7.00am – 7.20am every morning, Monday to Friday for one week. Each participant will have to be on Zoom, ready to start at 6.55am.

The fee for participating is €25 and participants should be available to attend all five sessions.

During the workshops, participants will work on open strings only, one doesn’t need the left hand for this practice, and they will concentrate on:

  • Approaching the string;
  • Landing the bow;
  • Guiding the bow;
  • Keeping correct bow position regarding the string;
  • Changing the bow position.

The workshops will help to ensure that the musician’s bow goes uninterrupted, not bouncing, and that the change of bow is made very smoothly, as unnoticed as possible. Different bow techniques will be covered such as Legato, Spiccato, Staccato, Marcato, and many more.

All violin and viola musicians are welcome but participants must be of at least Grade 1 standard (or equivalent) and aged 9 and over.

If you are interested in such a workshop, please contact Marianna Alaberdova of Naas Music School on 086 8665695 or email