Alexander Technique Interactive Workshop at MTU Cork School of Music in November

The annual Alexander Technique November workshop will take place at MTU Cork School of Music, from Friday, November 18 until Sunday, 20 November 2022. The interactive workshop is lead by Mary Shorten, Aingela De Búrca and Interactive Teaching Method (ITM) teachers.

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Learn more about ITM here. Early booking is advised and the early-bird date is Friday, 28 October. Early bird 10% discount on payments.

What is the Alexander Technique?:

For over a hundred years, the Alexander Technique has brought benefits to hundreds of thousands of people. Founded upon the concepts and discoveries of Frederick Matthias Alexander, the Alexander Technique has evolved into one of the most powerful tools available today for personal growth and development.


Friday, 18 November: 7.00-10.00pm, introductory lecture and demonstration.

Saturday,19 November: 10.00-6.00pm, workshop with experimental lessons.

Sunday, 20 November: 10.00-6.00pm, workshop with experimental lessons.

Please feel free to share this with anyone else who may be interested. 

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