Practice Club Hub

Introduction from Lisa Dowdall

Hello to all fellow musicians. Welcome to Practice Club!

These videos were made from live practice sessions held on zoom during the pandemic. We’ve put them all here so you can use as you want! The full videos are great, but, if you’re looking for quick tips and advice on something specific, or some warm-ups or exercises to support your practice, we’re made lots of playlists so you can find exactly what you’re looking for!

Thank you to all our contributors for your time, honesty and showing us your approaches to continuous learning. We hope you enjoy!

We have developed a number of YouTube playlists to cater for your every Practice Club need.

Practice Club Playlists

Full Videos with our Professionals
Watch back the full Practice Club sessions at your own pace!

Warm Up
Short videos on how to warm up before your practice!

Your Body
Stretching, body scans, moving with mindfulness and so much more!

Your Mind
Focussing on your mind is just as important as focussing on your scales!

Scales…but not as you know them!

Get those creative juices flowing with the short videos in this playlist!

For the Developing Musician
What our Professionals wished they had known when they were younger.

Some helpful tips and tricks to develop your sight-reading skill!

Some special nuggets of advice from our pros to help with your practice!

There are just some things we have to learn for ourselves…

Understanding the Music & Structuring Your Practice
How to better understand your piece of music and work through those tricky sections!

Be Kind to Yourself!
This is something we all need to remember and practice!

Performance Aids
Exercises and techniques to help with performance.

Technical Advice
Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of practice!

Ever Changing How We Educate
What changes would our professionals make in music teaching?