Instrument Bank

IAYO operates an instrument bank for use by member orchestras and ensembles and also uses the instrument bank to assist foreign orchestras touring in Ireland with sourcing instruments to help them reduce travel costs.

The instrument bank consists primarily of expensive and unusual instruments which are used to allow young players access to instruments which are very expensive and to encourage the growth of well-balanced orchestras.

Current Availability

A Clarinets Available: Following much searching, the pair of A Clarinets in the IAYO instrument bank have been reunited in 2011 and upgraded with the assistance of the Music Capital Scheme. The instruments are available for loan as a set on a short-term basis to orchestras that need them to perform specific repertoire.

If you have a need for specific instruments, such as percussion for a specific concert, then please contact the IAYO office for more information.

All other items in the instrument bank are currently on loan to member orchestras.