Tusla Online Briefing on Child Safeguarding Statements & Safeguarding Policies & Procedures

All Child Safeguarding Statements and Risk Assessments are due for review in line with the Children First Act 2015. The National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI) have partnered with the Tusla Child Safeguarding Statement Compliance Unit (CSSCU) and the Children First Information & Advice Officers (CFIAO) to support youth work organisations with this to ensure we are compliant with the legislation and Children First guidelines.

As part of this support, there will an online briefing from the CSSCU and the CFIAO to NYCI’s members on Thursday, 28 April 2022 @ 11am – 12.30pm.

If IAYO members want to sign up as part of IAYO, please contact us in the office at info@iayo.ie or +353 21 421 5185.

The briefing will look at:

  • Background of the CSSCU and the requirement for providers of relevant services (under the Children First Act 2015) to have Child Safeguarding Statements (CSS) in place.
  • CSS content, compliance criteria, issues for consideration, and the definition of a provider of a relevant service.
  • Outline of child safeguarding policy and procedures which can contribute to creating a safer environment for children and young people, including considerations on how to work safely with children & young people.
  • Provision of resources and tools for reviewing the CSS & the Child Protection Policy.

Please contact the IAYO office if you wish to sign up as part of IAYO as we are members of NYCI.

For further information, please see youth.ie.