IAYO Seeking Corporate Secretary

IAYO is looking for potential candidates to take on the role of Corporate Secretary. We are seeking someone with a relevant qualification and a track record of working in a voluntary role, and ideally someone who is already involved with an IAYO member in some capacity.

A full description of the role is below but many of the duties are delegated to the IAYO Director and the Auditors, so it is about ensuring they are carried out, rather than actually doing them. This person does not have to be elected to the IAYO board.

Administrative Duties

The company secretary has important administrative duties, many of which are delegated to the IAYO Director and the Auditors. However, ensuring these duties are carried out effectively remains the responsibility of the Company Secretary.

  • Maintaining the company’s registers including those of the members, the directors and secretaries and the interests of the directors and secretaries.
  • Arranging annual and extraordinary general meetings of the company and circulating members with the documents for those meetings.
  • Organising meetings of the board and sub-committees of the board and ensuring that the directors have the papers they need to consider the issues that are to be discussed.
  • Preparing the minutes of company general meetings and meetings of the board and its sub-committees.
  • Making the company’s registers, minute book and other similar documents available for inspection by the board and the public.
  • Sending updated information and documents on time to the Companies Registration Office and to other bodies.
  • Publishing legal notices in the media.
  • Keeping custody of the company seal.

Legal Duties

The company secretary must, together with one or more directors:

  • complete, sign and send the company’s annual return to the CRO;
  • certify that the financial statements attached to the annual return are true copies of the originals;
  • verify the statement of the company’s assets and liabilities if the company is in liquidation or receivership.

For more information or to discuss it further, please contact our Chairperson, Clare Daly at clare.daly@iayo.ie.