Youth Orchestra Ovation Awards

As part of a review into our programme of activities, IAYO has decided to show some more love to our Achievement Awards and give more time and space to the nominated orchestras to show off their achievements.

Zoe McCarroll and Cathal Bennett speaking with Seán Rocks at the IAYO Festival of Youth Orchestras. Photo by John Soffe.

The Irish Association of Youth Orchestra presents the Youth Orchestra Ovation Awards, an event and process that celebrates and spreads best practice and innovation in the youth orchestra community in Ireland.

Each year, in October, we will present two awards to orchestras for their activities in the previous school year. The awards ceremony will see a gathering of young people from orchestras with workshops, presentations of their work and the awards ceremony itself and will take place in a specially-chosen venue. We will be creating clear guidelines for applicants so they can assess if their proposals are eligible. All applicants with suitable supporting materials will be given exposure through the IAYO news channels.

Our hope is that a number of members from each orchestra that applied will attend the awards ceremony which will include workshops and presentations from the young people of their work and application. This will be a great opportunity for young people from across Ireland to meet their peers from other orchestras.

While we are still ironing out the last few details, it is our aim that someone with celebrity status amongst the young people will present the awards – someone suitably famous or prestigious who has taken part in youth orchestras in the past or perhaps the leaders or conductors of our national orchestras.

The first edition of the Youth Orchestra Ovation Awards will take place in October 2021, covering activities from the period from January 2020 to June 2021 with a closing date for applications in June 2021.

Audio-Visual Aspect – Cameras at the Ready!

It is our hope that young musicians from the participating orchestras will be able to make presentations at the awards ceremony using photos, videos, and audio collected throughout the year.

With this in mind, we would encourage all our members to begin documenting their activities through photographs, audio and video that can accompany applications. We will be available to offer guidance to members when starting out on ambitious projects to enable them to document their activities with high-quality audio, video, photography and printed and online media.

We will be releasing more details over the coming weeks so please keep an eye on your emails and