TU Dublin Philharmonic Orchestra Launched

TU Dublin Conservatoire is thrilled to announce the launch of the TU Dublin Philharmonic Orchestra, a ground-breaking initiative by the TU Dublin Conservatoire aimed at young amateur musicians.

Whether you’re a formal music student or simply someone who cherishes music as a passion, TU Dublin welcome you to join its vibrant community. This exciting orchestral project will bring together conservatoire students, university students from various disciplines, and musicians from beyond the university community. 

The orchestra have curated exciting repertoire including Mahler’s Symphony No.5, typically reserved for professional orchestras. If you’re eager to experience this challenging and inspiring music, please do audition for the TU Dublin Philharmonic Orchestra. All rehearsals and concerts will be held in the East Quad Concert Hall in Grangegorman.

The annual registration fee for non-TU Dublin students is €150.

Application guidelines and more information can be found here