News of St Agnes’ CCMA Ensembles

A quick update from the good people at St Agnes’ Community Centre for Music and the Arts as they prepare to begin their new term.

There will be contact free pre-instrumental classes for Senior Infants and 1st class in Scoil Úna Naofa funded by St Agnes CCMA and delivered by Nicole Hudson. From 2nd class, children will enrol for classes in CCMA as other children do in the local community after school. St Agnes’ CCMA Junior Strings will resume from Tuesday, 7 September in the CCMA building directed by Nicole Hudson, with an emphasis on rebuilding as everyone emerges from the pandemic restrictions and remote working. St Agnes CCMA Chamber Orchestra will resume on Zoom from Monday, 6 September with Cillian Ó Breacháin and live at the CCMA from Monday, 4 October, giving all players aged 12 and over enough time to have completed second vaccination and the necessary waiting period after it.

St Agnes’ LSO (Late Starters Orchestra) will resume from Monday, 6 September in a hybrid format and in a rotation of three groups. The orchestra has now been divided alphabetically into three balanced ensembles. They will work with two conductors, Seamus Doyle and Cillian Ó Breacháin, and will rotate, using the halls of the CCMA and the adjacent Hope Centre. The third group will take part remotely in the rehearsal conducted by Seamus and live-streamed from the CCMA.

The Chamber Orchestra and the LSO will take part in the Fall for Music concert later in the year. The Christmas concert will involve all three performing ensembles and CCMA choirs. While they are hoping to perform for one another, worst case scenario is that the ensembles are in different spaces, all performing live and live streamed to an audience at home – cue the Last Night of the Proms!

The LSO are also planning an international play together on Zoom on Thursday, 30 December to keep the link with other LSO orchestras in different continents alive.