Safe to Create to Tackle Harassment in the Arts Sector

Safe to Create is a dignity at work programme funded by the government, looking to ensure safe and respectful working conditions for those working in the arts and creative sectors.

The programme, which is delivered by Irish Theatre Institute in partnership with The Arts Council, Screen Ireland, and Minding Creative Minds, features supports to combat harmful behavior in the workplace, including information, training, counselling, and legal advice for those in need. It includes a website with useful resources, a 24-hour counselling service by Minding Creative Minds, training programmes on tackling bullying and harassment, unconscious bias, active bystander training, and much more, all specifically developed for the arts sector. Safe to Create have also created a code of behaviour to enable organisations to create workplaces free from bullying, intimidation, and harassment of any kind. Safe to Create are also in the process of launching an anonymous reporting facility, where artists and arts workers can report incidents of bullying, harassment and sexual harassment without the need to identify themselves or disclose sensitive and personal details.

Safe to Create want artists and arts workers to know their rights, to have information regarding dignity at work, and to know what services and supports exist when things go wrong. They want arts organisations to commit to playing their part in providing safe workplaces for artists and arts workers.

Please visit to find out more about the supports and training available to you. For any queries, please email