Irish Theatre Institute Report: “Speak Up: A Call for Change”

A new report commissioned by the Irish Theatre Institute has revealed that 70% of those working in the arts sector workforce have experienced harmful workplace behaviours and a ‘culture of harmful workplace behaviour across Ireland’s arts sector’.

The report “Speak Up: A Call for Change” was commissioned by the Irish Theatre Institute with the backing of the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media as a step towards creating safe and respectful working environments in the arts and over 1,300 people took part in it.

The report found that, out of everyone surveyed, 70% had experienced harmful behaviour in the workplace and 53% had witnessed it.

Women were more likely to experience harmful behaviours and the data found that women were far more likely (three and a half times) to experience sexual harassment and more than twice as likely to experience sexual assault.

The data also showed that men were more likely to be perpetrators at 67% and women accounted for 42% of incidences reported.

Those carrying out the harmful behaviours were, in the majority, to hold positions of authority and the report highlighted that supports were often not available to those who reported and, if they were available, they were not sufficient.

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