News from Mullingar Town Band | The Bandroom Music Programme for Younger Students

September 2021 will see the launch of a new music programme for young beginners of Mullingar Town Band. This is an exciting new approach on how Mullingar Town Band teach their young band members to read and play music. These young members will be part of a three-tier programme which will include participating in a brass and woodwind, bucket drumming and colourguard programme. These elements will provide all band members with a rounded education in reading music, playing and movement and an additional insight into all aspects of banding.

This is the first year that Mullingar Town Band are recruiting students from 1st class / age 6. Students will learn music playing and reading and progress through the programme to meet the standard of the marching band where they will then transition into the senior band.

Classes will run weekly and throughout the school term aiming for one performance per term. The Bandroom Music Programme commences on Tuesday, 7 September and is taught by Kim Magee.

Mullingar Town Band is an associate member of IAYO. You can find out more about them at