NCCA Seeks Members for Primary Arts Education Development Group

The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) is looking for four people to work as members of the new Primary Arts Education Development Group. Beginning in October 2022, this new group will play a key role in developing a curriculum for Arts Education (Visual Arts, Music, Drama, Dance, Film, Digital Media) for the redeveloped Primary School Curriculum.

Further information and links to application forms can be found here, deadline is Friday, October 7 2022.

NCCA advises the Minister for Education on curriculum and assessment for early childhood education, for primary and post-primary schools. As part of the broader developments in primary it is envisaged that a new specification for Arts Education will be finalised in early 2025. The Primary Arts Education Development Group will have a key role in this work. The Group will include nominees of the education partners, the Department of Education and other key education agencies. To avail of further expertise, the NCCA is seeking expressions of interest from individuals who would like to contribute to work on Arts Education as part of the redeveloped Primary School Curriculum.

Job Requirements: Interested individuals might offer one or more of the following:

  • experience of innovative classroom practice in Arts Education, particularly multi-disciplinary approaches
  • involvement in research in Arts Education
  • experience of working with learning outcomes and knowledge of assessment in Arts Education

The Council plans to have its work on the specification completed by early 2025. Beginning in October 2022, the Development Group will support this work through a series of day-long meetings. It is estimated that in the period up to the completion of the task, 10-12 such meetings will take place.


Please complete the ‘expression of interest’ form available at this link by Friday, 7 October 2022. Four positions on the Development Group will be filled using this process.

Further information:

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