Job Opportunity: Dublin Youth Orchestra are Hiring a Conductor

Dublin Youth Orchestras wish to appoint a conductor to the Symphony Orchestra. This will be a long-term appointment with a rolling one year contract. 

Application deadline is Friday, 6 January 2023.

Learn more about DYO here.

The Symphony Orchestra has 50 to 70 players ranging in age from 16 to 19 of approximately grade 7 and up. Their orchestra currently has a full range of symphonic instruments with the following composition: 36 string players, 11 wind players, 5 brass players and 1 percussionist.

Candidates who are interested in this position should submit a short CV with their qualifications and conducting experience with particular reference to experience conducting teenagers to In addition, they should include a written outline of what they would bring to the Symphony Orchestra.

Further detailed information about the Symphony Orchestra available on request to General Manager at or 083 403 6030 or at