Invitation to nominate for Arts Council Peer Panel List

The Arts Council is currently issuing a call for nominees to improve representation and add additional equality expertise to their peer panel process.

The purpose of this call is to address the low representation on their current panel list of people from diverse ethnic backgrounds and people with disabilities. This purpose is informed by the analysis of their awards data for individuals which also indicates low representation and success rates for people from both of these groups. They are also seeking nominations of experts in the area of equality, human rights and social inclusion.

The Arts Council would like to invite submissions for nominees for their peer panel list within the context of this call.

Peer panels are an essential part of how the Arts Council makes informed and expert decisions on artists’ funding. They are committed to ensuring that their peer-panel list is refreshed regularly to reflect both contemporary practice within the arts and the diversity of Irish society today.

Panelists are paid a fixed fee for their participation in a peer panel.

To make your nominations:

  • Step 1: Please read and agree to the Guidelines for Making Peer Panel Nominations and select your nominees using the criteria for nomination outlined. To avoid duplication, please refer to the current list of panelists before choosing your nominees.
  • Step 2: Email your nominees to invite them to be part of the peer panel nominations call. A template invitation can be found here. The template includes a link to a short online form for the nominees to accept the nomination and share contact details with the Arts Council.
  • Step 3: Send the Arts Council a list of the names of your nominees on or before 5.30pm on Friday 28 May.

In the next phase of the process the Arts Council will invite nominees to submit details about their background and expertise so they can review this information against the nomination criteria and make a final decision on additions to the peer panel list. All communication in this phase will be directly between the Arts Council and the nominee.

All nominees should be aged 18 and over.

If you wish to find our more information, please email Jennifer Lawless at