NYMAZ to host Connect: Resound Remote Music Learning Festival 2021

NYMAZ are hosting the Connect: Resound Remote Music Learning Festival 2021 which will take place from 17 to 21 May 2021. This Festival is open to music education professionals.

The festival will be programmed across four themed strands:

  • Teaching Music Online – the pedagogy, practice, challenges and opportunities. How does teaching online change the way we teach and learn music? Who does it help? What barriers does it help overcome? How can we make it inclusive? How can we teach well online? What needs to be live in online teaching, and where can online resources do the job just as well?
  • Making Music Online – how can we create music online together? What are the challenges, technologies, approaches that have worked for you? What technical skills do you need and how do you engage young people safely and inclusively?
  • Creating and Curating Online Music Experiences – exploring innovative ways of presenting educational music experiences. How can online music be exciting, engaging, inspirational? What do we know about how to reach and engage audiences? How do different age groups respond and engage with online content?
  • The Future of Online Music Education – what would a hybrid on/offline Music Hub offer look like? How might our business models need to adapt? What access barriers will an online offer help us overcome? What technology is on the horizon that can help us?

Call for Submissions

Their call for submissions for the learning festival is now open. They are inviting submissions from music teachers, academics, Hub managers, music education companies and anyone with interesting case studies or perspectives to share!

They are looking for innovative learning events which can take place in an online space, including:

  • case studies;
  • academic papers;
  • presentations;
  • workshops;
  • practical sessions.

Deadline for idea submission is 26 February 2021.

NYMAZ will be able to provide a flat fee for contributions to enable participation – for instance if you are a freelancer, small charity or have been significantly impacted as an organisation by Covid-19. There is space to include details of this in the submission form.

For further details, please see nymaz.org.uk.