Make Music Day | Free Zoom Invitation | 27 January

On Thursday, 27 January 2022 there will be a free online Zoom for anyone who would like to know more about taking part in Make Music Day on 21 June 2021 and what international ideas worked well in 2021 and what we might do in 2022.

Make Music Day or Fete de la Musique is an event every year always on 21 June all around the world where anyone and everyone can celebrate music in whatever way they like or are best able to.

This Zoom will also be an opportunity to share ideas about Make Music Day and tell everyone what you are planning in your country.

The organisers will be adding more speakers, but for now, they have confirmed Aaron Friedman of the (international) Make Music Alliance and Barbara Eifler, Chair of Make Music Day UK.

If you want to present something (e.g. a particular project or short film), please email for the attention of Barbara.

Make Music Day started in France in 1982 where it is now practically a national holiday and two-thirds of the population get involved either making music or attending an event. Anyone can take part, in person or online. There are 2 rules: it has to take place on 21 June (or premiere or stream on that day if not live) and it has to be free for the audience to enjoy or take part in (e.g. if a workshop).

Ideally, the musical event takes place in a public space – bringing the music to the people. Perhaps a park, a library, a town square, a shopping centre, the beach, a supermarket car park, a hospital atrium, a metro station, a train, or on Facebook – all these we have seen already, and more.

In most countries, it starts small, with one or two organisers, and grows bigger and bigger every year. One of the attractions is that it can be a very local event but also connect you to other countries and other musicians around the world. To help with that, Make Music Day UK has been organising an online Zoom event in January so that organisers in different countries can show what they are doing, learn from each other, ask questions and also do projects together if they are interested. Last year there was a great online drum battle involving 17 different countries and a film of John Cage’s 4’33” with 23 countries contributing, plus an international gong project and a global folk song swap. Individual events or organisers can also connect, perhaps to do a choir exchange or learn each others’ songs or visit each other (when travel is allowed again…)

Anyone with an interest in finding out more is very welcome to come. And you can share this with others in your country or network, too.

It is free but please book so we can send you a Zoom link! You can book your place here.

Please feel free to invite everyone from your country and your networks who might be interested! This meeting is open to all.