Make Music Day | 21 June 2021 | January Meeting

For a number of years, over 125 countries from across the world have celebrated Make Music Day on 21 June each year.

There will be a Zoom meet-up, organised by Make Music Day UK, on Thursday, 28 January from 3.15pm UK Time (latest finish: 4.45pm) for anyone interested in joining an international get together and for those wanting to make international connections can think of collaborations for Make Music Day.

You must register to take part in the Zoom session at and you can view the schedule for the meeting here.

Make Music Day 21 June logo in colour

Make Music Day is not a festival that’s curated or organised centrally, but it is a festival for and by everyone and a great opportunity to shine a spotlight on all the kinds of music taking place in communities, homes and public spaces, often all year round, but generally hidden away.

There are only two rules:

  • An event has to take place (or if pre-recorded sound/video: premiere) on 21 June;
  • Events need to be free to the public to access and participate in.

Otherwise, anything goes – large, small, in your town square or your living room, the concert hall or Facebook Live, professionals or newbies, young or old, and any kind of music.

You can learn more about Make Music Day at

We would love to see Irish music organisations taking part in this wonderful, international initiative!