International Music Council Elects New Leadership

From 21 to 23 November 2023, members of the International Music Council gathered in Rabat in Morocco for the organisation’s 40th General Assembly, elected a new leadership and adopted an ambitious work plan for the next two years.

IMC will continue strengthen its three pillars: as a value-driven advocacy body, as a network of networks and as a project organisation. It will scale up its actions enabling a world where everyone can enjoy access to music, where they can learn, experience, create, perform, and express themselves through music, and in which artists of every kind are recognized and fairly remunerated.

Dr Sheila Woodward (South Africa/USA) was elected President.” I am deeply honored to have been elected President of the International Music Council. The cumulative strength of this largest global network of music organisations linking 600 million associated individuals provides a powerful force motivating for the rights of all to engage in musical activity. I thank the membership for the trust placed in me as we face a time of widespread human suffering across the globe at multiple levels. Together we work towards the enrichment of the human mind and spirit through music and being a positive force for social change globally”, Dr Woodward says.

Throughout the past four years, Dr Woodward has served as Executive Vice-President and has been a driving force within IMC’s Executive Board, dedicating herself to advocate for the values and objectives of the IMC embedded in the Five Music Rights. The IMC General Assembly also elected a new Executive Board composed by Emily Achieng’ Akuno (Kenya), Dorothy Conaghan (Ireland), Mamou Daffé (Mali), Ardavan Jafarian (Iran), Sanni Kahilainen (Finland), Anothai Nitibhon (Thailand), María Claudia Parias (Colombia), Federico Rinaldi (Italy/Belgium) and Roel Vanhoeck (Belgium).