Take part in Eurochestries Festivals | France 2022

There is still time to register your ensemble or orchestra for Eurochestries 2022, international festivals for youth orchestras taking place in France this summer!

There are still spaces available for chamber music ensembles (trio, quartet, quintet, sextet, or more) and choirs in the Eurochestries festivals taking place in France.

  • France (Deux-Sèvres Department): 5 – 13 July. There is availability for chamber music ensembles.
  • France (Charente Maritime Department): 30 July – 12 August. There is availability for a choir and for chamber music ensembles.

Eurochestries festivals offer a wonderful opportunity to young musicians, from 15 to 25 years old from different countries, to meet and play together. During these festivals, the orchestras, choirs and music chamber ensembles perform in concert with their own repertoire.

But the big feature of Eurochestries festivals is that they create an international orchestra featuring every participating musicians. These international orchestras rehearse every morning during the festival for the closing concert. This opportunity gives to the young musicians a chance to work with various conductors and musicians from other countries.

This makes Eurochestries festivals full of rich musical, cultural and human moments. They carry values of meetings, tourist and linguistic discovery, and natural musical exchanges between the musicians and with the public.

The conditions of participation are very generous and affordable for the ensembles and young people.

You can see the conditions of participation and pictures of the previous festivals on the Eurochestries website: https://www.eurochestries.org/en-gb

If you are interested in taking part in one of these festivals, please send an application form with information about your orchestra/choir/chamber music group, with photos, recordings, internet links, and tell them which festival you are interested in.