Register for the Congress of the Eurochestries 2023 in Croatia

From March 1-6 2023, the annual Congress of the Eurochestries will bring musicians, conductors, composers, festivals organisers and members from countries such as Spain, Ukraine, Slovakia, Estonia, Mexico, Hungary, France and Croatia together. It is a special occasion to meet, share and discuss upcoming projects.

You will also have the opportunity enjoy a special concert with the Tamburas Orchestra Batorek and to visit the city of Osijek in Croatia and its surroundings! Learn more about the Congress here.

The provisional programme of the 2023 Congress is available now (click here).

You can register by downloading the registration form (click here) or by filling in the Google Form (click here).

Contact or by phone: +33 (0)5 46 48 25 30 for more info.

Eurochestries also runs Eurochestries International Festivals which offers young musicians, from 15 to 25 years old from different countries, the opportunity to meet and play together across the world. During these festivals, the orchestras, choirs or chamber music ensembles perform in concert with their own repertoire while also participating in international orchestras created with every attending musician. These international orchestras rehearse every morning during the festival for the closing concert. This gives each young musician the opportunity to work with various conductors and musicians from other countries. Orchestras attending must pay their travel costs (flights and buses), while the festival takes care of accommodation and meals.