Funding: Arts Council Young People, Children, & Education Bursary Award

Applications are now open for the Arts Council’s Young People, Children, and Education Bursary Award.

The Young People, Children, and Education Bursary Award supports individual professional artists working with, and producing work for, children and young people across a range of artforms. The purpose of the award is to support professional artists to develop their art practice.

The Young People, Children and Education Bursary Award specifically supports the professional development of artists working with, or producing work for, children and young people across a range of artforms.

The award is open to artists working in all genres and at all stages in their professional careers.

Potential proposals could be those that:

  • Enable a professional artist with significant experience in her/his artform but with limited experience in developing work with or for young audiences/participants to develop their knowledge and capacity in this area;
  • Provide an opportunity for an artist to work with a highly qualified and experienced mentor;
  • Enable a young artist (aged 18–24) who has demonstrated artistic leadership and innovation in her/his artistic endeavours as a young person to develop their professional capacity to engage other young participants or audiences in the arts.

The maximum award is €15,000.

The Arts Council hosted an online webinar which is now available online and can be viewed below. The webinar was hosted in collaboration with the Creative Europe Desk Ireland – Culture Office, and included information on international funding opportunities for artists working in this area.

00:00 — Introduction to the Arts Council and Young People, Children and Education (YPCE)
12:15 — YPCE Bursary recipients share their experience
12:15 — Mark Ball
16:43 — Selma Daniel
22:19 — Grainne Hope
30:39 — YPCE Team – Making an application
1:07:20 — Creative Europe Desk Funding

Note: You must be registered with the online services website to make an application. If you are not already registered, we recommend you register for online services as far in advance of the deadline as possible, as it may take five days for your online services registration to be processed. 

Closing date for applications is 5.30pm, Thursday 30 July 2020.

For further information and applications, please see