EMI Music Sound Foundation Awards & Bursary

The EMI Music Sound Foundation provides two types of awards: firstly, the Instrument and/or Equipment awards and secondly, the Bursary awards.

The grant range is from €1,000 to €5,000
The application excludes:

  • Applications from applicants based outside the United Kingdom & Ireland
  • Non-school based community groups
  • Bursary applications other than as described overleaf
  • Applications over £2000
  • Independent music teachers
  • Payment of staffing costs to cover the teaching of the national curriculum

EMI Music Sound Foundation is an independent music education charity, established in 1997 to celebrate the centenary of EMI Records and to improve young peoples’ access to music education in the UK & Ireland.

The Foundation is dedicated to the improvement of music education with a focus on youth.

Instrument & Equipment Award
The Foundation has helped over two thousand schools, individual students and teachers improve their access to music through the purchase or upgrade of musical instruments and equipment

The Foundation provides grants up to a total of £2,000 towards the purchase of musical instruments and/or equipment for individuals who are in full time education and Schools who require the equipment to fund music education. We also fund courses and training opportunities for music teachers who work within schools.

In order to apply for financial support you must complete our application form in full, providing the relevant evidence required.

Bursary Award
The Foundation has created vital bursaries at eight music colleges and conservatoires to assist music students in need of financial support. The organisations represent a high standard of traditional, classic and modern music study across the UK/Ireland.

The bursaries are distributed at each college’s discretion based on criteria provided by The Foundation. Please contact the colleges direct if you wish to enquire about the bursary.

The chosen Irish college is: Irish World Music Centre, Limerick – 00 35 361 202 590.

How to Apply
Download the Award application form from the Foundation website.

For more information please visit the EMI website.