Arts Council Funding | Upcoming Applications & Deadlines

Over the coming months, the Arts Council will open a number of funding streams that we feel will be of interest to our members and network.

Please note: You must be registered with the online services website to make an application for any Arts Council funding. If you are not already registered, we recommend you register for online services as far in advance of the deadline as possible, as it may take five days for your online services registration to be processed.

We also urge anyone, before starting your application, to reach out to the relevant contact within the Arts Council (

Arts Grant Funding 2022

Applications for the Arts Grand Funding 2022 will open on Tuesday, 13 April 2022 and will close on Thursday, 27 May 2022.

The purpose of Arts Grant Funding is to ensure that there is a breadth of high-quality arts activity and programmes throughout the country, by offering flexible support for a fixed period of time, and in so doing responds to the needs of those who are making, presenting and supporting the creation of work.

The programme is intended to support more than one distinct arts activity taking place within a fixed period of time, and to provide supports or facilities to artists over a fixed period of time.

Arts Grant Funding is available across all artforms and arts practice areas, and is open to organisations and individuals.

This is quite a large application process so please give yourself plenty of time to complete it and follow the Arts Council guidelines carefully.

Young Ensembles Scheme

The Young Ensembles Scheme will open for applications on Tuesday, 16 March 2021 and will close on Thursday, 15 April. The primary purpose of the Young Ensembles Scheme is to support groups of young people between the ages of ten and twenty-four to create or critically engage with ambitious and original work together in any artform, or any combination of artforms.

The Young Ensembles Scheme has two strands. Strand 1 is for ensembles that wish to undertake a new project or initiative that will develop the practice and experience of the young people involved. The maximum award for Strand 1 is €10,000.

Strand 2 is for ensembles that wish to undertake a programme of work or a large-scale project that develops the work of the ensemble and which will cost more than €10,000 and no more than €25,000. Applicants must be established ensembles with a track record of delivering high-quality artistic projects or programmes.

There are guidelines available at and there is also a helpful video which may answer any questions.

Agility Award Round 1

The Agility Award is a new funding stream by the Arts Council which will open for applications on Tuesday, 9 March and will close on Thursday 8 April.

This award is part of the Arts Council’s commitment to raising standards of excellence in the making of art and its purpose is to support professional artists and arts workers to develop their practice, and/or develop their work, and/or develop their skills, and/or create or present new work. This award is open to freelance artists and arts workers at any stage in their career.

Next Generation Artists Award 2021

Applications for the Next Generation Artists Award 2021 will open on Tuesday, 20 April and will close on Thursday, 20 May.

The purpose of this award is to support a group of promising artists across all disciplines at an early but pivotal stage in their career. Recipients will receive €20,000 and will also take part in a collective week-long residential programme (government guidelines permitting).

Joint applications and interdisciplinary applications are welcomed.

This award is designed to support emerging artists to buy time to develop their work and practice, and to support unique development needs to advance their own practice (this might be through engagement with a mentor, research, non-formal study and/or non-vocational training, collaborative partnerships, etc.). Applicants must detail the development need that would most advance his or her career at this time.

Capacity Building Support Scheme

In light of the unique circumstances presented by COVID-19, the Capacity Building Scheme has been developed to support arts organisations to gain support, skills and expertise to review and adapt their artistic and/or business models and support their strategic development. It supports activities which will assist in building capacity; in developing inclusivity; and/or in growing peer support and collaborations.

Applications for this scheme will open on Tuesday, 13 April and will close on Thursday, 13 May.

You can apply for this scheme if you are an arts organisation who has been funded by the Arts Council previously, a group of arts organisations who have been funded by the Arts Council previously (in these cases one organisation must act as the named applicant), or, in the case of arts organisations that do not have a historical funding relationship with the Arts Council, they will accept applications from arts organisations that are not for profit and/or formally constituted as CLGs or charities.

This is an open and flexible award, and the Arts Council are open to proposals for any activities that will help build capacity, foster cooperation, and enable organisations to develop new ways of working.

They are also open to proposals for activities that will build organisations’ capacity in relation to reaching new and diverse artists, communities and audiences. Proposals that address equality and inclusion concerns (in line with Arts Council policy) are particularly encouraged.

For further information on any of these funding streams, please see and please read all guidelines carefully.