Funding: Arts Council Strategic Funding 2021

Applications are now open for the Arts Council Strategic Funding and will close at 5.30pm on Thursday, 22 October 2020.

The purpose of Strategic Funding is to invest in and support the essential infrastructure required to sustain and develop the arts in Ireland.

Strategic Funding is open to organisations only (organisations that are formally constituted and have a track record for the delivery of the arts).

Recipients of Strategic Funding must play a critical part in delivering the policy priorities of Making Great Art Work, the Arts Council’s ten-year strategy.

In offering Strategic Funding, the Arts Council wishes to ensure:

  • The delivery of excellent artwork and/or events activities and services;
  • Excellent opportunities for artists and/or arts professionals to develop their practice and/or to create or to be engaged in high-quality work;
  • That the diversity of contemporary Ireland is reflected in the work it supports;
  • That more people will enjoy high-quality arts experiences;
  • Increased depth of engagement by and with the public;
  • Standards of excellence in governance and management in the arts.

Additional guidance on preparing engagement information for your application is available in the Arts Council’s new public engagement section which includes definitions, tools and resources to support you.

If you have never applied for grant funding through any of the Arts Council’s previous grant-funding programmes, you should contact the relevant arts team before you start your application. Staff contacts are on our website:

Note: First-time applicants to Strategic Funding who have not contacted the relevant arts team before applying will not be considered for the award.

For further information and application details, please