Funding: Arts Council Commissions Award

Applications are open for the Arts Council Commission Award.

The purpose of the Commissions Award is to enable the commissioning of new work from freelance artists.

In general, the finished work may be in a form capable of being presented, exhibited, published, performed and/or disseminated in its entirety at the point of completion, or it may be capable of being presented as a work-in-progress, either live or online.

There are two awards strands:

Strand 1: Artform commissions

Commissions can be applied for in the areas of music, dance, opera, literature (both in English and Irish), and traditional arts.

This means that any applicant, whether an organisation or an individual, can apply to commission an artist working within one of these artform areas.

Strand 2: Cross-arts-area commissions

In order to assist with the animation of arts organisations working across different artforms and with the commissioning of work by artists working in particular contexts, the award is open to organisations in the following categories: Festivals.

In these cases, organisations can apply to commission an artist working in any artform, with the exception of festivals applying for a commission in Dance, Music, Opera, Traditional Arts

Closing date for applications is Thursday, 24 Feburary 2022 at 5.30pm.

Please note: You must be registered with the online services website to make an application for any Arts Council funding. If you are not already registered, we recommend you register for online services as far in advance of the deadline as possible, as it may take five days for your online services registration to be processed.

We also urge anyone, before starting your application, to reach out to the relevant contact within the Arts Council (

For further information, please see