Funding: Arts Council Capacity Building Support Scheme

Applications are now open for the Arts Council Capacity Building Support Scheme 2022.

Note: Before completing the application, please check with the Arts Council to ensure that you or your organisation are eligible to apply. You can do so by calling 01 618 0200 or emailing

You can learn more and apply for the scheme at

Closing date for applications is 5.30pm on Thursday, 12 May 2022.

In light of the unique circumstances presented by COVID-19, the Capacity Building Support Scheme has been developed to support arts organisations to gain support, skills and expertise to review and adapt their artistic and / or business models and support their strategic development in the medium to long term. It supports activities that will assist in building capacity, in developing inclusivity, and/or in growing peer support and collaborations.

Who is eligible for the Capacity Building Support Scheme 2021?

  • Arts organisations who have been funded by the Arts Council previously;
  • Groups of arts organisations who have been funded by the Arts Council previously (in these cases one organisation must act as the named applicant);
  • In the case of arts organisations that do not have a historical funding relationship with the Arts Council, we will accept applications from arts organisations that are not for profit and/or formally constituted as CLGs or charities.

What can be applied for?

This is an open and flexible award, and we are open to proposals for any activities that will help build capacity, foster cooperation, and enable organisations to develop new ways of working. The Arts Council are also open to proposals for activities that will build organisations’ capacity in relation to reaching new and diverse artists, communities and audiences. Proposals that address policy priorities of the Arts Council – EHRD and Paying the Artist – are particularly encouraged.

They also welcome applications that seek to build environmental, social and governance developmental capacity in a strategic and meaningful way.

Activities supported might include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Digital capability: expenses to strengthen digital infrastructure; accessing the appropriate expertise, equipment, infrastructure, software, tools and advice; making content accessible to diverse and underrepresented audiences, artists and arts practitioners; coaching fees; advisor fees; subscriptions.
  • Business and practice development: costs for seeking outside expertise to assist in adapting existing practice and operations; accessing expertise to develop new business, human resource, well being and / or workforce plans; exploring alternative models and platforms for creation, collaboration, mobility or distribution; advisor fees; coordinator and collaborator fees; coaching; other expenses to research and develop new markets and income streams.
  • Professional development: costs for remote / digital professional development, well being and support programmes for staff, coaching and training, courses, online learning.
  • Developing collaborations and connections: funding towards knowledge exchange; other expenses to explore and develop collaborative networks; coaching fees; advisor fees; coordinator and collaborator fees.
  • Developing capacity for inclusion: funding to avail of expertise, training or advice that develops the organisation’s capacity for inclusion and relevance across the diversity of Irish society. This may include improving the organisation’s planning and practices in areas such as youth voice, disability, cultural diversity, or other areas. Applicants may apply for one distinct activity, or for a combination of activities.

Applicants may apply for one distinct activity, or for a combination of activities.

The Arts Council encourages organisations to consider applying for these activities as part of a group and/or consortia, in an effort to ensure that expertise and support is shared across the sector.