Starbucks Youth Action Funding

Starbucks Youth Action want to support young people aged 16-24 who have ideas to make their community a better place.

About the Programme
This programme inspires, empowers and supports young people in Dublin to make a difference in their communities by applying to Starbucks Youth Action for seed funding of up to €1000 to get their projects off the ground.
There are no limitations on what your idea could be. The most important thing is that the idea contributes to your community to make it a better place. To date we have had pigeon lofts, sports programmes, multi-cultural events and bake offs to name a few and we are excited to hear what your idea is!
This is the 4th year of this project which has seen nearly 200 young people run projects which made their community a better place to live.

If you would like to see some of the projects that were funded last year check out

As part of the programme the applicants will be invited to attend a workshop on a Saturday in early April in Dublin which will help them develop their ideas. This will be in a fun and exciting venue.
A few weeks later the young people will then pitch their ideas to a panel of stakeholders who will decide if they will get the grant.

View the application form here.

Deadline for application is 4th March

Please send in application by email to or