Jazz Big Band Summer Course | Newpark Academy of Music

Newpark Academy of Music will run their Jazz Big Band Summer Course from 4 – 10 July 2022. Each course will run 2 hours each day for 5 days – participants join 3 evening rehearsals and full day Saturday and Sunday.

Participants will establish a strong theoretical and stylistic foundation with regards to improvisation and performance within a large Jazz ensemble. There will be an emphasis on the development of the student’s individual expression and creativity. Led by the highly experienced Big Band Leader & Saxophonist Kieran Wilde, the faculty will also include some of the leading exponents of Jazz music from Ireland; Pianist Scott Flanigan and Drummer Kevin Brady.

The final evening of the course will culminate with a 1 hour concert in Newpark performing the repertoire taught over the course of the week The final recital will also feature the critically acclaimed Tenor Saxophonist & Composer Meilana Gillard (U.S.) as a Guest soloist. The course will give you the tools to improve your performance ability in an ensemble and further your playing opportunities in the future.

The Newpark Jazz Summer Course is open to juniors and seniors who have the appropriate background, and who are committed to studying the performance practices and rich cultural legacy of jazz & improvised music. Admission to the course will be by application. The number of students on the program will be limited due to the nature of instrumentation required for a large ensemble. Placement on the course is by audition. Due to the limited availability of places, this will be a highly competitive process. Preparation is integral to success.

For further information and how to apply, please see newparkmusic.ie.