Body Mapping Workshops with Jennifer Johnson & Claire Stefani | Sunday, 4 September 2022

On Learning to Play More Effortlessly, Through a Better Understanding of the True Design of Your Body

International experts, Jennifer Johnson and Claire Stefani, will give a day of masterclasses and individual, private, lessons on Body Mapping on Sunday, 4 September in Donnybrook Parish Centre, hosted by Claire Duff.

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What is Body Mapping?

In Body Mapping, students learn to gain access to their own body map through self-observation and self-inquiry. The student corrects their own body map by assimilating accurate information provided by kinaesthetic experience, the use of a mirror, anatomical models, books, pictures, and teachers. They learns to recognise the source of inefficient or harmful movement and how to replace it with movement that is efficient, elegant, direct, and powerful, based on the truth about one’s structure, function, and size.

Hundreds of musicians have used Body Mapping to correct how they move in order to heal themselves of injury and pain and to enhance their abilities at their instruments.

You can learn more about Body Mapping here.

Sunday, 4 September 2022

The day will consist of two group masterclasses on Body Mapping with both Jennifer Johnson and Claire Stefani (2 hours duration each with a break for lunch in between). These masterclasses will be a 60-minute presentation followed by a 60-minute interactive session.

In addition to these masterclasses, there will be a limited number of private, individual lessons available with either Jennifer Johnson or Claire Stefani. Please note: places for these individual, private lessons are limited and will be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Who can join us?

The masterclasses and private lessons are primarily for music teachers, performers and students aged 18 and over and professional musicians, but all other performers are welcome to join us also!

Masterclass Timetable

11am – 1pm                      Masterclass on Body Mapping with Jennifer Johnson

Lunch break

2pm – 4pm                        Masterclass on Body Mapping with Claire Stefani

Individual, private lessons available

Please note that these will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please let us know in the form if your times are flexible.

10am – 11am                    Private, individual lesson with Claire Steffani (Full)

11am – 12 noon                Private, individual lesson with Claire Steffani

12 noon – 1pm                  Private, individual lesson with Claire Steffani

2pm – 3pm                        Private, individual lesson with Jennifer Johnson (Full)

3pm – 4pm                        Private, individual lesson with Jennifer Johnson

4pm – 5pm                        Private, individual lesson with Jennifer Johnson (Full)

5.30pm – 6.30pm              Private, individual lesson with Jennifer Johnson

5.30pm – 6.30pm              Private, individual lesson with Claire Stefani


€100 to attend both masterclasses with Jennifer Johnson and Claire Stefani (11am – 4pm)

€100 for one private lesson with either Jennifer Johnson or Claire Stefani

€60 to attend one masterclass

Please note: Payment in advance is requested in order to secure your place.


Booking is via this online form.

If you are booking an individual, private lesson, we will contact you within 2-3 working days to confirm your time.

Venue details:

Donnybrook Parish Centre, Church of the Sacred Heart, Stillorgan Road, Dublin 4, DO4 HW82.

No lunch is provided but there is a kitchen area for eating and tea will be provided.

There is limited parking available in the church car park.

A Message from Claire Duff

I am extremely grateful to the Irish Association of Youth Orchestras for helping to make this Body Mapping workshop day happen.  This is a unique opportunity for musicians in Ireland to learn from two leading experts in the field.  I believe that Body Mapping can help musicians experience greater ease of movement, technical mastery, freedom of expression while performing and help reduce the risk of injury.

I am hugely grateful to the Arts Council of Ireland for granting me a bursary to receive Body Mapping lessons online with Jennifer Johnson.  I found it very helpful to see the anatomical images and models and to discover the mismappings I have acquired over the years. The lessons I have received online from Jennifer Johnson (who lives in Newfoundland) and Claire Steffani (who lives in New York) have had a profound effect on my playing, so I am really excited and delighted that Jennifer and Claire will now share their knowledge and expertise in person with musicians in Ireland.

Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer Johnson, violinist for twelve years with the Atlantic String Quartet, is an internationally sought-after Master Teacher in Body Mapping for Musicians and is renowned for her expertise in helping musicians to move according to the design of their bodies, to address and prevent playing injuries. She has been on faculty of the New York Philharmonic’s Zarin Mehta Program and has presented Body Mapping workshops to orchestras and festivals, conferences and music schools around the world. Jennifer has written three books on Body Mapping for Musicians.

Claire Stefani

Claire Stefani is the founder of Volute Service International, an interface between music instrument/accessory makers and orchestral string instrument players and teachers. One of her fields of expertise is to assist upper string players in optimizing their chin/shoulder rest set-up.

Discovering Body Mapping in 2013 has allowed Claire to better assist well over 1,300 musicians in North America and Europe.

Claire is member of the Performing Arts Medicine Association and a licensed Body Mapping educator. Claire’s French translation of Jennifer Johnson’s second book “Teaching Body Mapping to children” was published in 2019 (Editions Vandevelde).

Claire has worked with musicians from New World Symphony, Met Opera, New York Philharmonic, Philadelphia Orchestra, Caramoor’s Evnin Rising Stars and students of prominent musicians such as:

  • David Kim, Concertmaster of the Philadelphia Orchestra;
  • Carol Rodland, viola professor at Juilliard;
  • Li Lin, violin professor at Juilliard;
  • Dimitri Murrath, viola professor at the San Francisco Conservatory;
  • Susan Dubois, viola professor at University of North Texas in Dallas;
  • Josep Colomé, violin professor at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Aragón (Zaragoza, Spain);
  • Nathan Giem, concertmaster at the Dresden orchestra.