Opportunity to learn Baroque Oboe with IYBO

An exciting opportunity has arisen to avail of Baroque Oboe lessons with the aim to participate in the 2021 edition of the Irish Youth Baroque Orchestra.

One of two places is available and we are searching for an Oboe player of grade 8 standard and above, aged from 18 – 24 (although slightly older players will be considered too).

It is hoped that the two players can take the lessons together, so being in Dublin, (or able and willing to travel there) will be preferable. (Complying with all necessary Covid-19 regulations, of course).

Please read the further details below.

If you would be excited to participate in this opportunity, and learn Baroque Oboe, please send an email to info@iayo.ie.

Further details

You will be provided with:

  • The loan of a new quality instrument by Wolfgang Kube;
  • 5 baroque reeds;
  • 10 X 1-hour lessons (or equivalent time in longer lessons if appropriate) between now and Christmas 2020.
    • Lessons to be taken together, preferably with the two of you in the same place on one web connection so you can play duets;
    • Mostly online with Andreas Helm;
    • One or two lessons in person as the Irish Baroque Orchestra schedule and Covid-19 allows.

A few conditions:

  • A contribution of €150 for the lessons until Christmas.
  • A commitment to take part in the Irish Youth Baroque Orchestra in July 2021 (provided it can go ahead). Participation costs are likely to be €200 approx. but this is not something we need to worry about right now. It is more important that you commit to participate in IYBO 2021.
  • Continued lessons from January to July of next year may be arranged once our funding is known. We anticipate that we would continue to subsidise the lessons but can’t guarantee that right now.

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