Musica Fusion Community Music Festival Takes Place in Cork

On Sunday, 20 November 2022 the Musica Fusion Community Music Festival took place in Charleville. Musica Fusion School of Music and Dance is now in its seventh year. At present, the school has 350 students and 20 teachers. Musica Fusion are also busy preparing to perform at the 27th Festival of Youth Orchestras in the National Concert Hall, Dublin on Saturday, February 11 2023.

On the day, Musica Fusion Junior Orchestra, Little Music Strings, Major Minors Junior Orchestra, Accora Junior Orchestra, Cork ETB School of Music Junior Orchestra, Musica Fusion Senior Orchestra, Accora Senior Orchestra, Rockwell Orchestra and Limerick School of Music Senior Orchestra performed. Liam Daly compéred on the day.

There were two performances: 2pm for junior orchestras and 6pm for more advanced, older orchestras. All performers had the opportunity to perform together as one large orchestra. It also allowed the orchestras to get to know each other. Orchestras, chamber groups, and traditional groups of all shapes and sizes from across Ireland applied to play.

Writing about the Festival, Susie Butler, Director of Musica Fusion School of Music said: ‘The overall goal of this day is to unite young musicians from all over Ireland and allow them to play, watch each other play, get to know each other and become friends in music. Watching other orchestras play and seeing their repertoire is always very beneficial as is seeing a mix of performers, instruments and groups. For the adults involved with the orchestras/groups, it will provide a platform for future collaborations and friendships’.

Well done to all the young musicians for their hard work!

The Festival was funded by the inaugural IAYO Youth Orchestra Collaboration Grant. The IAYO Youth Orchestra Collaboration Grant was launched in March 2022. The Youth Orchestra Collaboration Grant Scheme is aimed at increasing opportunities for Irish youth orchestras to perform with and for each other; increasing opportunities for youth orchestras to work with each other collaboratively; allowing young musicians from different orchestras to get to know each other and to play together; creating activities and performances that are too big for just one orchestra; and growing and connecting the youth orchestra community.

You can watch videos of the Musica Fusion Community Music Festival here.

Photo credit: Lisa Carey