It’s Already Happening Online | Online Conference

It’s Already Happening is an all-online event happening in April and May that’s designed for the classical music world.

Join in for freeflow, unscripted, real-time conversations. Subject matter may or may not be comfortable for all ages, so keep that in mind when deciding to attend. You must be age 18 or older to attend. For further information and to join, please see

Read the blurb below:

So, what exactly is already happening? Long-standing systemic barriers in the classical music industry are getting crushed. Every day. 

These barriers are created and perpetuated by patriarchal, white, cis het, colonial mindsets and practices. 

The legacy of these practices is trauma and other forms of harm to people who want to make music. 

For a long time, people and communities around the world have been calling these practices out, doing work to dismantle them, and also leading through example by doing things in new and better ways. 

Come meet people who will share the voice, viewpoints, and lived experiences of Black peoples, Indigenous peoples, people of colour, members of the LGBQT+ community, and people with disabilities in this sector. 

You’re going to be invited to share you ideas on where the orchestral industry should go in the future, reflect, and take action on how you can shape your local classical music community.   

And of course, there’s going to be live music, because that’s what this is all about – making music. 

And it’s free, if you want. 

You in?

Recorded sessions will be available until June 30 2022. If you are capable, please make a payment before viewing a session.