IAYO Festival | 17 April 2021 | Save the Date!

As you now know, we can’t have our usual get-together in the National Concert Hall in February for our Festival of Youth Orchestras but at IAYO we really want to do something to celebrate with our members and the young players who are still cut off from their orchestras and friends.

So on Saturday, 17 April – IAYO’s birthday – we are going to celebrate with performances in whatever way we can do at that time.

We will provide the opportunity for individual young players to contribute to a stay-at-home performance of a new work by Vincent Kennedy. Depending on where we are with Covid-19 restrictions, we will have a stitched-together performance from players recording themselves at home and any combination of real-life performances that we can manage. We’ve seen many of these online performances already but there are still a lot of young people who haven’t had the chance to be part of one.

Under the current circumstances, there are no opportunities for young musicians to perform together and we would hope that this performance opportunity would act as a point of focus and something to work towards for these young musicians and allow them to feel that they are part of an ensemble again.

Along with the performance of this work, we want to feature our members for each other through our social channels and make a bit of noise about youth orchestras beyond our community – like we always do in February and let 2021 be no different in that respect. Please consider what you have in terms of audio and video (and anything else) that might be good for us to spotlight your orchestra.

So save the date and we will bring you more concrete details along with parts and instructions soon. We would also appreciate it if you could start thinking about any musicians you think would enjoy and benefit from taking part in this project.