Collaboration Grant Orchestra Contacts

We have put together a webpage of the contact details of members who want to make contact or be contacted for collaborations with other orchestras. We hope this will help for you find other youth orchestras to collaborate with.

If you would like your details to be added to this page, please do contact us at telling us:

  • Your orchestra name
  • Where you are in the country (if that’s not obvious from the name)
  • Age range of players in the orchestra
  • Size of orchestra and a little bit about the balance of instruments
  • When you might like to exchange and what you might like to do

Fingal Youth Orchestra:

  • Location: Based in Dublin 15
  • Ages: 8-18
  • 31 players currently (16 Violin, 2 Cello, 1 Harp, 1 Harp/Trombone, 2 Clarinet, 7 Flute, 1 Sax, 1 Trumpet)
  • January – April would be the best time for a collaboration. 
  • Fingal Youth Orchestra are interested in a one day collaboration or would also be happy to collaborate with another orchestra during our their 2 night trip away, they travel within Ireland at the end of the second week of the Easter break. They would also be interested in collaborating for the IAYO Festival of Youth Orchestras in 2026.

Musica Fusion Community Orchestra:

  • Location: Charleville North Cork
  • Ages: 2 Orchestras – Junior Orchestra ages 4 to 9 and Senior Orchestra 10 to 17.
  • Junior Orchestra has 48 Strings/wind/brass and percussion and Senior Orchestra has 35 Strings/wind/brass and percussion
  • November or February would suit best. Musica Fusion have a venue in our school so any orchestra would be welcome to visit also. 
  • Contact Susie at 0879873379 or

Dublin Youth Orchestras:

  • Ages: 11 and 16
  • Approx 90 players with full range of orchestral instruments, i.e strings, wind, brass and percussion.
  • March/April 2025 – West or south of Ireland close to accommodation that would allow for social time between rehearsals and performances.
  • DYO aim to provide players with opportunities to have some social/team building exercises outside of rehearsals and performances, so this element is very important to DYO.
  • DYO collaborated with Donegal Youth Orchestra in 2023 and stayed at Garten Activity Centre. This mix works well for DYO.
  • DYO are happy to look at any suggestions that come up.

St Ultan’s Presto Players:

  • Cherry Orchard, Dublin 10.
  • Ages: 11 to 17 years old
  • Instruments: 3 fl.,1 sax, 1 fr h., 1 tpt, 4 guitars, 2 vln I, 4 vlns II, 1 vla, 1 vc, 1Cb, timp., perc, piano
  • Presto Players will be finishing lessons and rehearsals at the end of May. Presto Players currently rehearse and have music lessons from September to May.
  • Presto Players would like exchange lessons, and to chamber music training course for children, thematic composition specifically for the collaborative ensemble/s/orchestra, concerts, recordings. and collaborative vocal a capella ensembles.
  • Contact Sinhué Flores at, phone number (01) 643 4599 or mobile 0833891296.

Rockwell Orchestra:

  • Location: Cahir, Tipperary.
  • Ages: 10 to 70+.
  • Approximate 40 members covering most orchestral instruments, no bassoonist and have some saxophonists.
  • Happy for collaborative opportunities during the school year.

In 2024, IAYO is once again running our Youth Orchestra Collaboration Grant scheme to stimulate collaboration among youth orchestras in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. (International collaborators can take part too).

Closing date for applications is Friday, 03 May 2024.