IAYO National Chamber Music Workshops

IAYO has been a long-time advocate of the benefits of chamber music and has run a chamber music weekend course for over twenty years in addition to more recent support for the ConCorda Chamber Music Course. We have had the pleasure of having some of the students from the first course in Donegal return to tutor on courses in Kilkenny and Laois. We support chamber music playing because:

  • Chamber music increases players’ standard and ability to play their instrument in ensembles.
  • It increases their independence and commitment to their playing.
  • It helps their teamwork and social skills both in music and in general.
  • They have lots of fun and make new friends.

The IAYO National Chamber Music Workshops are weekend residential courses for junior strings, woodwind and brass. The course changes location every two years in order to bring the experience of chamber music playing and music courses to new players and new areas.

Chamber Music Workshops 2024

IAYO will hold its annual National Chamber Music Workshops on Saturday, 26 and Sunday, 27 October 2024 at Rosary College, Crumlin, Dublin.

Under the direction of Katharine Mac Mághnuis, this weekend course is suitable for Strings, Woodwind and Brass players from grades 2 – 5 (or equivalent standard). Applicants can apply as a pre-formed quartet or ensemble or as an individual player. More senior players are welcome to apply as part of pre-formed ensembles. This will be non-residential.

We will announce more information and application details soon.