IAYO’s Child Protection and Welfare

IAYO implements a child protection policy in line with the HSE’s Children First: National Guidelines for the Protection and Welfare of Children and The Arts Council’s Guidelines for the Protection and Welfare of Children and Young People in the Arts Sector. 

Our current documentation is available to download below. Editable copies of all documents can be requested from the IAYO office for adaption and adoption by IAYO members and other organisations for whom they are suitable.

Please note that IAYO has recently updated its Child Safeguarding Statement and our Complaints Policy and have published the new versions of these documents below. The Safeguarding Statement has had only minor changes and has previously been approved by the ‘Child Safeguarding Statement Compliance Unit’ in Tusla. The complaints policy has had a substantial change in that it no longer refers to the Ombudsman, which only covers public bodies.

Members are welcome to use our policies as templates for their own policy development and, indeed, are encouraged to do so. Microsoft Word copies of our policy documents can be requested from the IAYO office at info@iayo.ie and, for those that are already using documents based on IAYO documents, we can send a version showing all the changes between versions.

Our thanks to Carol-Ann McKenna at the National Youth Orchestra of Ireland and Wendy Arlow at Dublin Youth Orchestras for their collaboration in compiling the Child Safeguarding Policy and Statement.

Child Safeguarding Statement January 2023
IAYO Child Safeguarding Policy August 2023
IAYO Internet Teaching Safeguarding Statement July 2020
IAYO Complaints Policy January 2023
IAYO Complaints form as a Microsoft Word document (.docx) or an Open Text Document (.odt).

Note: If you need a Word document version of any of these files, please contact the office at info@iayo.ie.

For general information on Child Protection and Welfare from external organisations such as Túsla, please see here.