About IAYO

The Irish Association of Youth Orchestras is the national support and resource organisation for youth orchestras in Ireland.

Membership of the Association is open to all Youth Orchestras in Ireland, whether linked to a school, a school of music, a college or university, or to an independent or community-based organisation.IAYO represents over 5,000 young musicians in 108 youth orchestras in Ireland and assists in the development of youth orchestras in all parts of the country.

IAYO was set up in Ennis in April 1994. It was incorporated as IAYO Ltd. in 1998, and became a registered charity in 2001. It is a voluntary, non-profit-making Association and a registered charity, supported by members fees and the generous donations of friends.

IAYO is grant-aided by The Arts Council and supported by Cork City Council. IAYO acknowledges the support of the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media and Music Network through the Music Capital Schemes 2010-2023.

IAYO is a member of the European Orchestra Federation, The National Campaign for the Arts, the National Youth Council of Ireland, Volunteering Ireland and The Wheel.

Our Mission:

The Irish Association of Youth Orchestras promotes and fosters the development of youth orchestras in Ireland.

Our Vision:

We envision an Ireland where all young people have the opportunity to experience the joy of ensemble music-making.

Our Aims:

  • Build and strengthen the community of youth orchestras.
  • Provide and facilitate advice and information for youth orchestras.
  • Foster excellence through provision of training and resources.
  • Promote best practice artistically and in working with young people.
  • Offer and facilitate performance and collaboration opportunities.
  • Present excellence in the youth orchestra movement to a wider and more diverse public.
  • Encourage collaboration between all stakeholders in the development of youth orchestras.
  • Act as a connection between youth orchestras in Ireland and the movement internationally.

Our Values:

Community: We value creative communal expression and unite all our stakeholders in the joy of music by creating spaces for networking, peer-learning and shared musical experiences at every opportunity.

Diversity: We welcome all people and embrace the diversity of contemporary Ireland. Enjoyment: We place fun, personal fulfillment and celebration at the core of all our work.

Enjoyment: We place fun, personal fulfilment and celebration at the core of all our work.

Equality: We believe that all young people should have the opportunity to practice musicianship and access instrumental training.

Excellence: We encourage every young person to reach the highest potential that they aspire and commit to.

Integrity: We are transparent, honest and professional in all aspects of our work. We treat all people with respect, dignity and courtesy at all times.

Partnership: We value partnership with like-minded organisations that share or embody our values.

Sustainability: We value environmental sustainability and will reflect sustainable practices in our work.

Youth Participation: We put young people at the centre of our work, striving towards a partnership with them in our activities.