Teaching Music For Special Needs Workshops – RIAM

RIAM are delighted to present workshops for those who want to learn more about teaching music for special needs.

Teaching Music Workshops for students with Autism, Dyslexia, & Mental Health Challenges is run by Royal Irish Academy of Music’s Senior Music Therapist Jessica Harris. It provides practical tools & techniques to help teachers support their students with special needs.

This series of workshops will offer a more in-depth approach to supporting students of all abilities—equipping primary, post-primary, and music teachers to create an enjoyable learning environment and to engage the full potential of their students.

Workshop 1 on Sunday, 8 March will provide practical advice and teaching techniques for students with Autism.

Workshop 2 on Sunday, 26 April will equip teachers with the understanding and tools to teach music to students with Dyslexia.

Workshop 3 on Sunday, 17 May will explore methods to support students who experience anxiety and other mental health challenges.

RIAM Senior Music Therapist Jessica Harris is passionate about making music an experience everyone can enjoy and thrive in. Throughout the series, Jessica will share information and practical techniques for music teachers and other educators who use music in the classroom, so that they can better cater for students with a range of challenges.

For more information please visit: eventbrite.ie