Online Workshop on Online Rehearsals | Set-up, technical requirements & rehearsal

Jamulus Workshops with Dr Patrick Early

IAYO will host a set of online workshops suitable for tutors, teachers and conductors on the computer software Jamulus, delivered by Dr Patrick Early.

There will be two workshops:

  • Workshop 1: Thursday, 27 August, 11am – 1pm | Jamulus Setup Workshop;
  • Workshop 2: Thursday, 3 September, 11am – 1pm | Jamulus Live Rehearsal and Discussion / Feedback

You must register your attendance for either or both workshops here.

Please note: We recommend you attend both workshops however, it is not mandatory and you are welcome to turn up for one or the other.

The coronavirus restrictions have prompted musicians to look for innovative ways to rehearse. The Jamulus platform presents as a realistic option for rehearsals to continue as it overcomes the latency issue (delays between computers), which has been the main problem with online rehearsals.

Jamulus is a computer programme that enables performance ensembles to rehearse together when they cannot be in the same room. It allows rehearsals in an audio-only format but in real-time. Patrick has developed techniques that have cut the latency to such a minimum that musicians can play together in real-time.

The set-up criteria to get the platform working successfully is quite rigid and some prior knowledge and preparation are needed in advance of a rehearsal. The workshops will discuss these preparations and problems in a non-technical language and the subject is approached from a string players perspective.

During workshop 2 (Thursday, 3 September, 11am – 1pm), there will be a live rehearsal using Jamulus. We are asking for advanced string players or string teachers to volunteer to take part in this rehearsal.

There are a number of requirements for those who wish to play in the live rehearsal:

  • Jamulus software downloaded and installed;
    • Please note that this is a computer only software and is not available on mobile or tablet.
  • Ethernet connection direct to your computer from your router;
  • A good internet connection;
  • A set of regular headphones;
  • You must register your attendance here;

A quality instrument microphone and an audio interface are also recommended.

If you wish to take part in the live rehearsal, it is mandatory to attend both workshops.

However, people can attend just as observers for Workshop 2 also and without having attended Workshop 1.


You can register your interest to volunteer in the registration form.


Workshop 1: Jamulus Set-up
Thursday, 27 August, 11am – 1pm

At the beginning of this workshop, participants will be invited to introduce themselves and share briefly their background and objectives.

Following this, with a minimum of technological jargon, participants will be walked through the preparations which will have to be done in advance of a rehearsal in order for a Jamulus session to work successfully for them. An overview of what is involved will be given and some of the pitfalls will be outlined including:

  • How to download, install and configure the software;
  • How to make settings adjustments;
  • How to test the system prior to attending the Jamulus rehearsal;
  • What to expect if setup criteria have not been followed;
  • How to schedule the Jamulus session.


Workshop 2: Jamulus Live Rehearsal and Discussion
Thursday, 3 September, 11am – 1pm

We strongly recommend that you attend Workshop 1 if you are to attend Workshop 2.

Those who are participating in the live rehearsal, it is mandatory to attend Workshop 1.

Please note: Preparation should be done in advance by installing and downloading the software and making initial tests on your system before arriving at this rehearsal workshop.

Joining the session will entail, identifying yourself in the ‘my profile’ window (a first name is adequate), recognising your fader and adjusting your volume in the Jamulus window. It will also entail adjusting faders of other participants to obtain a balance in your headphones and safeguard your hearing.

In this session, Patrick will host a live rehearsal with volunteer string musicians. To start, he will troubleshoot any difficulties that participants may have had when setting up Jamulus and the correct configurations from Workshop 1.

This will be followed by a Live Rehearsal where Patrick will go through, step-by-step, how to initiate and start the Jamulus session. Jamulus is an audio-only platform so there will be no conductor.

After the rehearsal, there will be time for discussion and feedback.


In the registration form, there is a section for you to note any questions you want Patrick to answer.

If you wish to read more about Patrick’s work with Jamulus and the technical requirements, please read ‘How Jamulus got us out of a Jam’.

Dr Patrick Early studied music at the College of Music in Dublin, Limerick University and the University of Lincoln. His research interests include music literacy, educational Bildung and music collaboration. He lives and works in the West of Ireland. 

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Both workshops will be recorded and available online for a limited time after their completion.