Online Workshop: Creating Chamber Music Opportunities | 6 August

Note: This workshop is open to IAYO members and ESTA Ireland members.

Creating Chamber Music Opportunities for all Players who are Keen

Online Workshop with Katharina Baker for Tutors & Conductors

Thursday, 6 August, 11am – 1pm via Zoom

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The Witchcraft Quartet, March 2019

The Witchcraft Quartet, March 2019

On Thursday, 6 August from 11am – 1pm, Katharina Baker (Coole Music and Arts) will deliver a free online workshop for tutors and conductors on “creating chamber music opportunities for all players who are keen”.

In this presentation (circa 40 minutes), Katharina will share her experience of working with young chamber groups – where to start, what to consider when pairing students together, how to find / create the time for this extra commitment, how to create performance opportunities and where to find suitable material for all levels of playing from beginner to advanced. This will be followed by a session of sharing experiences and questions that may have come up.

Katharina has worked with young chamber groups in Coole Music (Gort, County Galway) for the past 15 years. These groups have become an important part of musical life around the music school and community. For the past 6 years, she has also worked as director of IAYO’s annual National Chamber Music Workshops for young players.

In Coole Music, they have experienced that chamber music can be of great benefit to all players who are keen to try and experience this form of music-making. Having to take full ownership of their part – as opposed to orchestral playing where they share that responsibility with a whole section of players – makes the musicians listen to each other on a different level. Furthermore, a group of peers playing together and eventually performing together at various events without a teacher can be incredibly empowering for young players and give a different meaning to their playing and identity as musicians and great ambition to their practice.

This workshop is open to IAYO members and ESTA Ireland members.

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The Voldemort Quartet, June 2018

The Voldemort Quartet, June 2018

This workshop will be recorded and available online for a limited time after their completion for IAYO and ESTA members.