National Youth Strategy

As you may be aware the Government are developing the first ever National Youth Strategy. This strategy is being developed arising from the “Better Outcomes, Brighter Futures, The National Policy Framework for Children and Young People” which was launched in April, 2014. It is the first overarching National Policy Framework which spans the ages 0 -24. More information can be found here.

The National Youth Strategy is being overseen by a Task Group with the support of a Project Team. In order to inform the strategy consultation is now being undertaken in two phases.

  1. An online consultation with young people and those working directly with young people and
  2. Face to face consultation events early in 2015 with young people and other stakeholders which will be informed by the findings of the online consultation. More details on these events will be provided in January 2015.

While the National Youth Strategy spans the ages of 10 – 24 and the online survey is open to all in this age group, they are particularly keen to engage those aged 15 – 24 and those whose voices are seldom heard.
There are two ways for young people to engage in this process.

  1. Direct participation in an online survey. This survey should take no more than 5-10 minutes to complete and can be found here.
  2. Some young people may find it difficult to engage directly with the above and may need assistance to participate in the consultation. Therefore a Guidance note has been developed for small group discussion with young people. It is based on the survey. On completion of the small group discussion the facilitator can upload the results online using this link.

You can download the guidance notes on group discussions with young people here and you can also read the guidance notes for working with young people here.

The online consultation will remain open until 23rd January, 2015. The findings will be collated and used to inform the face to face consultations with young people and key stakeholders that will take place early in 2015. The findings will also assist in the development of the National Youth Strategy through the identification of priority areas to be addressed through the National Youth Strategy. The online consultation is confidential and all information collected is anonymous.

Rachael Murphy, Youth Sector Representative, DCYA Project Team Email: Tel: 086 824 6288