Irish Music Rights Organisation Report

Deloitte was commissioned by the Irish Music Rights Organisation (IMRO) to undertake a study that assesses the socio-economic contribution of music to the Irish economy.

The scope of the study was to present estimates of the size of the industry and the way it contributes to the Irish economy and society, based on available secondary source data as well as primary information from stakeholders. The study also considered ways in which the contribution of music in Ireland might be maximised with respect to short, medium and longterm time horizons.

As part of the study, Deloitte met with a cross section of industry professionals from across the music sector in order to obtain their views on the current state of the Irish music industry and how it could be developed. In addition, IMRO conducted an online survey of its members which received over 300 responses.

The report aims to set the agenda for: (a) invigorating the Irish music industry afresh; and (b) helping it to develop to its full potential.

You can read the full report from IMRO.