RIAM Viola for Violinists Course a Continued Success Across the Country

In February 2018, a new viola course was launched, ‘Viola for Violinists – learn to play and teach the viola’, in the Royal Irish Academy of Music in consultation with the Irish Association of Youth Orchestras under the tutelage of violist, Lisa Dowdall. The course was specifically designed for violin teachers who lead busy lives and was created in such a way that would allow them to study and learn from Lisa in a number of different ways.
From Carlow College of Music, violin tutor Delphine Picovici completed the course in 2018 and brought her new skills to students in Carlow with great success! We caught up with Delphine to hear about her experience since the completion of the course:
“I completed the ‘Viola for Violinists’ course in the RIAM under the renowned violist Lisa Dowdall in Spring 2018. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the course and following its completion I was keen to promote viola playing in my hometown of Carlow where I teach. In the Carlow College of Music, I ran a free viola workshop last June that was open to all. During the two-hour long workshop, prospective students were given the opportunity to explore and experiment with the instrument and learn basic skills of viola playing. In addition, they learned about the unique role and opportunities that viola players have for performance and heard the viola in action. Following the workshop, four new students began learning the viola this autumn. They are progressing well and for the first time, I am looking forward to having a full and true viola section in The Staves Orchestra (our junior orchestra) next autumn, and for this to lead on into our youth orchestra in the coming years. I am confident that having such a growing number of viola players in the College of Music and performing at local events will continue to increase the awareness, popularity and, as a result, the uptake of the instrument.
Thank you once again to the IAYO for giving me the support to begin this project which I feel is being very successful.”