Don’t Stop The Music – Support lyric fm

At a time when more people under 35 around the world are choosing to listen to classical, jazz and other non-commercial music forms on radio, it is neglectful of RTÉ to consider shutting down lyric fm when it provides such good value in terms of listenership and the range of RTÉ’s services.

RTÉ’s legal remit includes providing programming that reflects “the cultural diversity of the whole island of Ireland” and including “programmes that entertain, inform and educate”. RTÉ is required to “facilitate or assist contemporary cultural expression and encourage or promote innovation and experimentation in broadcasting”.

Following on from the previous threat to the RTÉ orchestras, this is another example of the cultural life of Ireland being damaged by the lack of commitment by the government to the principle of public service broadcasting and consequent damage to the infrastructure for non-commercial arts: a distinct contradiction of the government’s promises on creativity and the arts.

While it is clear that the national broadcaster needs to update its operations, the dismantling of arts infrastructure should not be allowed to be a casualty of a downsizing approach.

Please sign the petition and contact your local TDs to ask them demand of the Ministers for Culture and Communications to ensure lyric fm carries on for another 20 years and more.